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How Base is furthering the    at-home health revolution

Vogue: Photo illustration by Ivana Cruz

"Convenient and crafted to be extremely consumer-friendly, telehealth services and evidence-based direct-to-consumer health brands don't appear to be going anywhere." - Vogue

Consumer friendly health + wellness

At Base, we believe that your health should be individualized, and accessible.  From our founder Lola Priego in the Vogue article on at-home health featuring Base: "Eventually, at-home lab testing will be another readily used tool, similar to your health-tracking wearables, that helps us optimize for a well-rounded lifestyle in a more individualized way."

Base is proud to be part of the innovation in at-home testing: With Base, your blood and saliva tests are delivered right to your door with easy-to-use instructions. You can then ship them back to our labs by dropping our custom boxes off at your local USPS, and your results are delivered in days right to the Base app.

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