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Welcome to Tracksmith

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We love running.

If you truly commit to it, running has the power to make you better. Runners are disciplined because training demands it, humble because the sport enforces it, and caring because community forms the foundation on which we all succeed.

The journey of running, the highs and lows of training and racing, is truly transformative. Wherever you are on your journey with the sport, we’re here to provide the gear, inspiration and support you need.

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Our Story

Tracksmith was founded in 2014 on the simple premise that runners deserved better. From our home base in Boston, we set out to craft considered and original products that solve some of the biggest problems we as runners face. Through our content and community, we aim to create experiences that make running more rewarding, more connected, and more meaningful.

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The Sash

The first product designed at Tracksmith was our Van Cortlandt Singlet. A testament to our belief that race day is sacred, we set out to craft a statement-making mesh top that combined classic style with modern performance. Inspiration for the signature sash came from a singlet in our founder’s father-in-law's closet and from the history of the 19th-century track teams, who sewed a satin sash on the uniforms of athletes who scored at championship races. It’s a symbol of excellence we hope proves inspirational.

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