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When Grace, a Base member, decided to test her sex drive hormones, her results revealed another issue: "My cortisol, the hormone that produces feelings of stress, was quite literally off the charts. My body was behaving as if I was under dangerous threat all day long," she says.

"I’d likely have never known about my sky-high cortisol without this Base test. I wouldn’t have a data-driven reason to chill with the all-day-and-night coffee. I’d have spent more time and money on under-effective therapy. Lab testing can unearth life-changing, life-saving insights.” Read more about the steps Grace took to lower her cortisol levels


4 signs you have way too much cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone you hear about a lot, but could you spot the signs that it could be going haywire? Here are a few:

You seem to get a “second wind” at bedtime, even when you’re tired all day.

You're gaining weight, especially around your abdomen, even though you’re prioritizing your diet and exercise.

Judging by how often you get sick, your immune system is in the tank.

Thanks to the connection between high cortisol and low testosterone (which is key for libido), your sex drive is… no really, where is it?

Why your lab results might unlock surprising insights about your health

“There are several hormones that get tested for multiple things. Our bodies are efficient, so there are very few things that are single-purpose. When you want toimprove your diet with a Base test

, you’ll measure your thyroid. When youimprove your energy levels

, we test your thyroid hormones then, too. This can lead to all sorts of discoveries and surprises.”—Lola Priego, Base Founder & CEO

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