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Branding bulletin from Base.
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Issue 001


A sunglasses campaign... featuring no sunglasses. Together with the eyewear brand Ace & Tate team, we created a movement everybody's talking about in the streets of Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and Brussels. Bring on the sun; we've got the SHADES.

Our Melbourne team is proud to present their work for the 23rd BIENNALE of Sydney, entitled rīvus (meaning ‘stream’ in latin). Inspired by this aqueous theme we developed the visual identity, campaign, communications, signage, and a massive 572-page companion publication, all in collaboration with our friends at Zolo Press, and Biennale Artistic Director José Roca. See the identity in-person at the event until 13 June 2022, or take a look online.

Are you ready to launch your low-emissions website? Interactive websites loaded with spectacular animations and videos contribute much more to global carbon emissions than simple pages. Where does that leave eco-conscious brands that want a relevant online presence and to help save the planet? BaseGVA digital director Edouard Henry unpacks this DILEMMA.

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While we have your attention, BaseDigital is also launching its own dedicated monthly newsletter, MAPS, navigating the crossroads of branding and digital.

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We’re excited to introduce BaseWINDOW! An exhibition space celebrating shared ideas and collaboration at the BaseGVA studio. Currently on view: Brussels arts duo Mentalklinik presents Insanely Joyful, three different bodies of work brought together to create a frenzy of joy. If you’re in Geneva, stop by and take a look until 15 April 2022.

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We can't launch the first issue of SPAM without acknowledging the situation in UKRAINE. Like everyone, we are shocked by what is happening there. We at Base decided to undertake concrete actions: 1/ helping refugees by driving a truck full of essential items to the Polish border (pictured), 2/ transforming one of our partner's homes into a logistics center, and 3/ assisting some of our team members to move out of Putin's Russia ASAP. Base stands with Ukraine.

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