Being Naked in Public Hasn’t Been Weird Until Now 👀

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Being Naked in Public Hasn’t Been Weird Until Now 👀

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Okay picture this: It’s 2500 BCE. You’re in the Indus Valley, a cradle of civilization. There is no electricity, Pharaohs exist, life expectancy is like 13 years old, and people literally barely know what farming is. Things are looking bleak to say the least. Silver-lining though! They have have a public bath and it’s the center of their society.

Obviously things have evolved a bit over time, water treatment and filtration just to name a few!

But our point is that since the dawn of man, we have always come together to cleanse our bodies & minds & let it all hang out.

As society continues to evolve, we believe it’s important to bring those places back.

Communal bathing is awesome! We can get into the nitty gritty by country another time, but first let’s talk about the Sauna House way.

For whatever reason, American culture has taken the sauna and cold plunge practice and run in 2 very different directions. People either associate it with an empty gym sauna and sweaty work out clothes or exclusive spa experience. Sign me up for neither please!  

Our mission is to change the conversation & understanding of what bathing & bathhouse culture is.

It should be simple, routine, and affordable. It’s a wellness practice, an act of self-love, and an opportunity to check out of the external and check in with yourself or your community.

Enter: Sauna House. Our business baby. Our dream is to build bathhouse culture right here at home and bring as many people along for the ride as we can.


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