Informational Emails & Newsletters48

You might be sending informational emails to your subscribers about certain topics. These emails can be excellent for letting your customers know about important issues. Here you can find inspiring informational email examples and apply your own.

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Manukora Emails & Newsletters

A Quick, Delicious Dressing - Manukora Newsletter

Newsletter Subject A Quick, Delicious Dressing Manukora Newsletter Content 😋 Inspired by A Quick, Delicious Dressing, this email brings you an enticing culinary treat. Manukora, a renowned brand, is at the heart of this flavorful experience. The email content delves into the art of creating a delightful dressing that is both...

Manukora Emails & Newsletters

Prebiotics Versus Probiotics - Manukora Newsletter

Newsletter Subject Prebiotics Versus Probiotics Manukora Newsletter Content 💊 The email focuses on the comparison between prebiotics and probiotics, two beneficial substances that can improve gut health. 💊 The email starts by explaining that while both are beneficial for the digestive system, prebiotics are the food for probiotics. This means that prebiotics...

Tracksmith Emails & Newsletters

Competitive Advantage - Tracksmith Newsletter

Newsletter Subject Competitive Advantage Tracksmith Newsletter Content Tracksmith, a Boston-based running brand, has sent an email to its subscribers highlighting its new products. The email showcases the brand's latest collection of running clothes for both men and women. It includes images of premium-quality, lightweight athletic wear designed to keep runners...

Everlane Emails & Newsletters

New In: The ReTrack Collection - Everlane Newsletter

Newsletter Subject New In: The ReTrack Collection Everlane Newsletter Content Introducing The ReTrack Collection Remixed. Redesigned. Refabricated. Meet the luxe essentials of our newly upgraded Track Collection. [ SHOP COLLECTION ] Early morning flights. An afternoon run. A quick drink. These ultra soft pieces are designed to make getting dressed easy like...

Blu Dot Emails & Newsletters

Wait, there's more. - Blu Dot Newsletter

Newsletter Subject Wait, there's more. Blu Dot Newsletter Content Wait, there's more You want it, you got it. From free swatches to virtual tours, we’re prepared to please. Swatch yourself. Our free swatches fit neatly in your mailbox and double as delightful coasters. Go nuts! [ORDER YOUR FAVES] Peruse...

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