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Introducing new tools for more engaging meetings, better diagrams, and more fun

Intuitive tools that let you manage your meeting content and agenda in one space, and quickly launch activities to engage participants

Expert-informed meeting templates to help you easily prepare and run effective meetings

Breakout rooms within Miro boards to collaborate in smaller groups and give everyone a voice

Create more types of diagrams faster and with more precision

Try our new updates and tools to diagram with ease and more options:

  • Easily create and connect diagram elements with one click
  • Better suggested corrections and more grid views to make sure everything lines up
  • A central diagramming library with connectors, and basic and flowchart shapes
  • Advanced shape packs, including popular methodologies like BPMN and Data Flow Diagram, with Miro Smart Diagramming  - Available for Business and Enterprise plans

Enjoy better voting, sharing, clustering, and stickering in Miro

Visualize common themes with clustering for sticky notes and surface the best ideas.

Coming soon, so stay tuned

Happy collaborating,

The Miro Team

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