[Webinar] Register and see the latest and greatest in Airtable

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[Webinar] Register and see the latest and greatest in Airtable

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Join us on Wednesday, March 8th for the quarterly Airtable New Features Spotlight, a live webinar series dedicated to helping you better understand what’s possible when using newly released Airtable features.

This quarter we’ll explore how List View gives you new powerful ways to connect and structure your team’s work:
* Create and manage projects: From simple task tracking to company-wide OKRs, learn how to help your organization pull together key information

* Better team visibility: See how groups visualize work that needs to be done

* Keep leadership in the loop: Understand how to provide an up-to-date picture of work progress to help streamline status updates

We’ll also be sharing other feature updates and new learning resources designed to help you and your team tackle work faster with Airtable.

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