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Special Announcement

Say Hello to Figma Plugins

We are excited to finally introduce you to the first Figma Plugins, brought to you by our amazing beta customers. Explore over 40 (and counting!) plugins that automate work, bring in real data, or flag errors. Or build your own plugin tailored to your design workflow.

Cheers, Team Figma

Automate repetitive work and flag errors

Similayer helps you select all layers with the same properties, making it easy to make batch edits.

Google Sheets Sync imports content from Google Sheet directly into your Figma file.

Color Blind lets designers see their design through the lens of the 8 types of color vision deficiencies.

Bring real content and data into your design

Unsplash images can now be inserted straight into your Figma designs.

Content Reel populates your designs with relevant text, icons, and images.

Mapsicle helps you mock up interactive maps and edit them in-line.

Extend what’s possible in Figma

Time Machine helps you save and organize work that you want to look back on

Autoflow makes it easy for you to draw flows between objects and diagram out the UX.

Translate helps you test your UI against six different languages to see what may break.

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