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This month’s newsletter is all about you, our community. Figma was built on the idea that we can do more together than we could do alone and we’re just getting started bringing that to life.

Read on for more about our upcoming conference, a deep-dive on the technology of Figma’s multiplayer, and ways to bring your work to the broader Figma community.

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Figma's first user conference

We thought it was about time to get together IRL – we’re having our first user conference on February 6th in San Francisco, CA.

Get involved by submitting a Call for Proposals or filling out our Attendee Application by November 20th.

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Building community, together

We recently opened up our community beta, a public space where you can now publish live design files that anyone in the world can inspect, remix, and learn from.

We’ve also redesigned the Figma workspace and re-architected how files are organized. The new UI centers around team members instead of folders and files.

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How Figma’s multiplayer technology works

When we wanted to add live collaborative editing to Figma four years ago, no other UI design tool offered it. Without a visual example to model, we decided to create our own solution. This post gives a peek into the technology powering it.

Figma, refreshed

From cross-functional brainstorms to the methodology behind the new illustrations, read all about the updates to our brand and the ways in that Figma was used to bring our ideas to life from Tori Hinn, Figma's Creative Director.

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Figma is the first design tool with real-time collaboration available to anyone online. With Figma, you can keep the entire team on the same page. It's time to focus on your work instead of fighting your tools.

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