Product Launch Emails & Newsletters46

Announcing a product launch with an email & newsletter is a great way to boost your engagements! That way, people can learn what is new & interact with your website. Here are impressive product launch email & newsletter examples for inspiration.

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Manitobah Emails & Newsletters

👀 It's finally back! - Manitobah Newsletter

Newsletter Subject 👀 It's finally back! Manitobah Newsletter Content 👀 Introducing Manitobah's highly anticipated comeback collection! This email brings you exciting news about the return of Manitobah, a renowned brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and ethically made products. 👀 Discover the rich heritage behind Manitobah's designs, as each piece reflects the deep...

OptiMonk Email & Newsletters

5 Lessons You Can Learn from Dollar Shave Club's Marketing Strategy 🚀 - OptiMonk Newsletter

Newsletter Subject 5 Lessons You Can Learn from Dollar Shave Club's Marketing Strategy 🚀 OptiMonk Newsletter Content Hey Emre, Launched in 2012, Dollar Shave Club’s subscription razor service quickly disrupted the men’s grooming products industry. Their innovative launch video, strong content marketing campaigns, and direct-to-consumer business model enabled Dollar...

Athletic Brewing Email & Newsletters

New DayPack Flavors Are On The Horizon 🌅 - Athletic Brewing Email Newsletter

New DayPack Flavors Are On The Horizon 🌅 - Newsletter Text Content Introducing the DayPack Pilot Series DayPack has officially completed one trip around the sun, and to celebrate we're releasing four new flavors! Athletic Club subscribers will have early access to the first drop on February 22! Three more experimental...

Samsung Email & Newsletters

Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch - Samsung Email Newsletter

Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch - Newsletter Text Content                                                                                    تعرّفي على Galaxy S22 | S22+ الجديد كلياً                                                                                                         اضغط هنا للقراءة في المتصفح،                                                                                  شاهدي الهاتف الذكي الذي أصبح حديث الجميع مع أسرع معالج لدينا حتى الآن، تجد قوة عالمية المستوى في متناول ي...

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