Atlassian Email & Newsletters

Atlassian Email & Newsletters

Atlassian is a software company with numerous solutions for project management, collaboration, and software development. Here are a few inspirational email examples from Atlassian.

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Atlassian Email & Newsletters

Git Insiders: November, 2017 - Atlassian Email Newsletter

Git Insiders: November, 2017 - Newsletter Text Content Git Insiders: November, 2017 Alternatives to Git submodules: Git subtree Last month we learned about Git submodules, which help safely include other's projects in your codebase. Today, we're introducing Git subtree, a subdirectory that can be committed to, branched, and merged to...

Atlassian Email & Newsletters

How DevOps revolutionized teamwork - Atlassian Email Newsletter

How DevOps revolutionized teamwork - Newsletter Text Content How DevOps revolutionized teamwork The agile methodology transformed how teams work. However, it didn't implicitly bridge the gap between development and operations teams – until DevOps came along. Learn how DevOps revolutionized how teams work by bringing together the skills, processes, and tools...

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