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How DevOps revolutionized teamwork

The agile methodology transformed how teams work. However, it didn't implicitly bridge the gap between development and operations teams – until DevOps came along. Learn how DevOps revolutionized how teams work by bringing together the skills, processes, and tools from every facet of engineering and IT.

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Trunk-based development – a key enabler of CI/CD

Most programmers today leverage one of two development models to deliver quality software – Gitflow and trunk-based development. Trunk-based development is a powerful aide in achieving CI/CD and increases software delivery and organizational performance.

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Turn DevOps theory into practice with best practices

DevOps improves communication and collaboration among development and operations teams, in order to increase the speed and quality of software deployment. This is made possible with DevOps best practices including CI/CD, version control, monitoring, observability, and continuous feedback.

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