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Travel has changed and so have we. If it’s been a while since you stopped by, you’ll find a completely new experience. Dive right in and check it out for yourself or read on to learn more about Airbnb Categories and AirCover for guests.

Airbnb Categories

Introducing a new way to search that helps you explore the world of Airbnb—and discover one-of-a-kind homes you wouldn’t have known to look for. You’ll find over 50 categories of homes organized by style, location, or nearby activities like: treehouses, beachfront homes, or homes close to surfing spots.

AirCover: unmatched protection for guests

AirCover is the most comprehensive free protection in travel, so you can book with the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, we have your back. Learn more

Every booking comes with AirCover

Browse and get inspired by millions of homes around the world.

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