Ghia Emails & Newsletters

Ghia Emails & Newsletters

Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif made with the purest ingredients. Here are the email and newsletters of Ghia with its various content that will appeal.

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Ghia Emails & Newsletters

Free expedited shipping on duos! - Ghia Newsletter

Newsletter Subject Free expedited shipping on duos! Ghia Newsletter Content 🧃 Upon opening the email, readers are greeted with a visually appealing image featuring a glamorous duo of products. 🧃The email content revolves around the benefits of free expedited shipping on duos, placing emphasis on the convenience and value it brings...

Ghia Emails & Newsletters

Your dad called… - Ghia Newsletter

Newsletter Subject Your dad called… Ghia Newsletter Content ☎️ The email "Your dad called..." is a touching message prepared by Ghia to celebrate Fathers' Day. ☎️ Also, the email promotes the Cocktail Box of Ghia to present as a gift to fathers. ☎️ The email shares the last chance detail for their flavor...

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