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The Road Map is a 4-part series, made in partnership with Hello Sunshine, that highlights female founders and the grit, patience, and emotional strength that helped them master their craft. Join us as we celebrate the unique journey women entrepreneurs go through as they build thriving businesses, and give inspiration to the next generation of upstarts, small business owners, and go-getters. Here’s what you can learn:

  • How to build your brand by leaning into your audience, from Felicia La Tour of MindfulFee
  • Skills for bootstrapping your business and thriving in discomfort, from Aishwarya Iyer of Brightland
  • The importance of owning your worth when breaking into an industry, from Ali Heiss of Amarilo
  • What it’s like to build a global business with your best friend, from Hannah Skvarla of the Little Market

Through this series, we are not only celebrating their entrepreneurial minds, but also sharing the roadmap for realizing business potential. What can you take away from 4 unique journeys and apply to your own business?

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