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Going Through It Season 2

For our second season of Going Through It, host Tracy Clayton sits down with 14 phenomenal Black women to chat about the times when they pushed through moments of adversity. Despite having doors slammed in their faces, and moments where the world told them that they couldn't make it, these women broke through.

We hear honest and revealing stories from voices like Josie Duffy Rice about championing justice and being a Black woman in America today. Lena Waithe talks about the power of self-determination and recognizing that struggles are a normal part of our journey. Oh, and remember that time Meagan Good caught hell for her dress at the 2013 BET Awards? She opens up about overcoming that backlash and laughing about it later.

These are just a few of the stories you'll hear from this inspiring group of women, which also includes Ashley C. Ford, Jenna Wortham, Danielle Brooks, and many more.

Happy bingeing!

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