Introducing: Cornflower Blue

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Introducing: Cornflower Blue

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🌟 Everlane, the ethical fashion and lifestyle brand, has released a new color for its beloved pieces. In their recent email blast, they introduce "Cornflower Blue" as their latest addition to their collection.

πŸ‘— The email highlights the color of the season and how it can elevate any outfit. The email showcases a variety of looks featuring Cornflower Blue, from a casual weekend outfit to a dressed-up office look.

πŸ‘— It also offers suggestions on how to incorporate the shade into one's wardrobe, such as through statement earrings or a bucket hat. Everlane's commitment to sustainability is also evident in the email, as they mention how they use sustainable materials in their pieces.

πŸ‘— They also invite subscribers to learn more about their production process by visiting their website.

βœ… Overall, the email serves as a preview of Everlane's latest release and an inspiration to embrace Cornflower Blue in one's fashion choices while staying conscious of ethical practices.

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