Best-selling designs by LGBTQIA+ indie artists.

Newsletter Subject

Best-selling designs by LGBTQIA+ indie artists.

TeePublic Newsletter Content

✅ The email summarizes the most popular designs by LGBTQIA+ indie artists sold on TeePublic - a platform where artists can upload their designs to sell on various products.

✅ The email highlights the various genres of designs available, such as LGBTQ+ pride, pop culture, and humor.

✅ One design stands out as a best-seller, titled "Mischief Managed," which features the iconic "Harry Potter" phrase in rainbow colors.

✅ The email also includes information about TeePublic's Pride Month fundraising campaign, which donates a portion of sales to nonprofit LGBTQ+ organizations.

✨ Overall, the email celebrates LGBTQIA+ artists and their unique designs while promoting a socially conscious retail experience through TeePublic.

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