Announcing New Behavioral Email Marketing ⚡ - Newsletter Text Content

Rich behavioral data to fuel your email marketing.

​Tap into the goldmine of data from your website, apps and e-commerce platforms to create a hyper-personalized email strategy that drives real results for your business.

Dynamic segmentation for powerful personalization.

Create highly targeted, dynamic segments based on how consumers are behaving to continuously deliver the most relevant content as your relationship evolves.

Automate your way to big time returns.

Trigger super specific and timely journeys based on a subscriber’s behavior on your website, app or e-commerce platform to bring them back and make sure they convert.

Get personal with 1:1 content in emails.

Let consumers know how special they are by delivering emails that are tailored to their individual behaviors and interests.

These features are available in our new Advanced pricing plan - designed to provide you with all of the support you need to build stronger relationships through email.

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