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Hello and welcome to yet another email about GDPR,

We've done some extensive research and can now confirm it stands for one of the following:

Germ Danger; Please Recoil
A particularly useful message for warning friends and colleagues to keep a solid five meters away from you at all times.

Gone Deli; Phone Ricky
Handy for those of you with a deli near work + a colleague named Ricky (can be substituted for Robin, Ryan, or Rachael. Never Ross).

Gassy Dancers; Potentially Risky
Indispensable for a West End musical visit. A message that can subtly slipped to a friend who is yet to experience a pungent gas cloud wafting its way over the audience.

So there you have it—GDPR pretty much explained.

*Consults with lawyer*

Oops. Slight correction. Appears we missed something. GDPR actually stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect in the EU on May 25. This new legislation is all about giving you greater security, transparency, and control of your personal data online—a principle we couldn't agree more with.

The upcoming changes only impact Europeans, but we believe data security is important wherever you happen to call home. So in support of the new regulation, we've updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to make them even more transparent. Legal eagles can read the full length version, but there's a jargon-free plain English one too. These come into effect on May 11, so you have time to review them.

Additionally, over the coming weeks we're:

  • Adding a brand new Communications area, so you can choose the type of content you'd like to receive
  • Giving you the ability to delete your account and data completely (aka wield your right to be forgotten)
  • Including a new privacy and GDPR reference section on our Help Center, with articles explaining how to exercise your rights
  • Implementing an improved, two-part email verification process for better security
  • Appointing a DPO to lead our data security program

We'll follow up on all those things in a few weeks time. In the meantime, you can check out this article for additional info. And if you need a hand with anything, just hit reply and we'll get back to you.

We hope these changes make a difference, wherever you are.

Love from Barcelona,
Team Typeform

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