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Integrate with your favorite tools

Typeforms are social creatures—they love connecting with other apps and tools. Integrate your typeform directly with Google Sheets and MailChimp, or connect it to hundreds more apps to make your workflow oh so smooth.

Good vibrations

Love a running commentary? Set up customized notifications that buzz you each time a respondent submits their answers, or schedule regular email reports if you’d prefer to space things out.

Into the wild wild web

If a question’s asked in the forest and no-one’s around...you get it. There's a number of ways to get your typeform into the wild—share your link, start it in an email, embed it onto a web page, or send it via social media.

Take me to embed
Typeform can slip right onto your website in three different ways—popups, full-page, and good old-fashioned standard embed. Match the look of your typeform to your website for best results. Learn more about embeds here.

Need a community? Start one

After starting over in a new city, Andrew needed to find work. Instead of reaching out via the usual channels—he made them come to him. Discover how he built a community using Typeform and Slack.

Launch a survey that gets results

Ever have a survey fall flat on its face? So have we. Create a market research survey that has these 9 essential ingredients to gather meaningful data. Tip #6? Don’t call it a survey. Find out why, here.

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