💡 Shed some light on your data with Airtable

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💡 Shed some light on your data with Airtable

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Upgrade your spreadsheet to a database

Countless individuals and teams rely on spreadsheets to store and communicate their information. However, as your work becomes more complex you’ll discover your spreadsheets are actually limiting your work.

We’re stepping in to offer Airtable as an alternative: a database. The word “database” might sound daunting, but we’ve made it easy to use so you can upgrade quickly and start amplifying your work.

[Database vs. spreadsheet: which is better?]

As a database, Airtable offers unique capabilities that help you not only organize and visualize your data but also make it actionable. Can your spreadsheets do any of this?

* Unique field types: Use a variety of different field types to visualize your information in a way that makes the most sense, from colored records to image attachment fields.

*  Views: Airtable holds all of your information in one place while giving you the option to create everything from a calendar to a kanban.

*  Automations and extensions: Stop manually emailing spreadsheet attachments and start automatically delivering reports and updates in the format and channels (email, Slack, Teams, etc.) that your organization expects.

Your current setup might, in fact, be holding you back. We can help with that.      

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