Nice to meet you! We’re Sauna House 👋

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Nice to meet you! We’re Sauna House 👋

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Welcome to our club of folks who love to get sweaty (and chilly) in the name of wellness! We’re excited you’re here.

A bit about us: We opened our very first location in Asheville in 2019 with big dreams, big hearts, and little to no idea what we were doing. Thanks to a lot of faith in figuring things out along the way, we’ve built a bustling community of Hot-Cold-Relax lovers and a thoughtfully designed space for folks to come and experience our services. All in all, we’re big on sustainability for people and planet and slowing down to reconnect with what matters.

Thank you for believing in our mission. We hope to share a lot of time, resources, laughs, and maybe most importantly, SWEAT, for a long time to come.

Peace, love & saunas,

Sauna House

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