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May in Review

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🌟 The May edition of Tracksmith's email newsletter provided readers with an exciting sneak peek of the brand's latest collection.

⛰️ The newsletter featured a selection of new products, including shorts, singlets, and hats, all designed with the same quality and attention to detail that Tracksmith is known for.

⛰️ One of the main highlights of the newsletter was the new "Cape Cod" collection, featuring a range of running shorts and singlets in a variety of colors and styles.

⛰️ The collection is designed to reflect the classic, preppy style of Cape Cod, with a modern twist that is perfect for runners of all levels.

⛰️ In addition to showcasing new products, the May newsletter also included articles on nutrition and training, as well as updates on recent events and races. ,

✅ Overall, the newsletter provided a comprehensive look at everything that Tracksmith has to offer, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their running game.

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