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It’s tempting to jump on the Great Resignation bandwagon. But before you quit your job or make any big career move, guard against the potential risks.

First, remember that we bring many biases to our decision making and it’s tough to be objective. So get help. Run the career move by people who can challenge your assumptions. Look for someone who has no vested interest in your ultimate decision, and remind them that they can only help you by being completely honest.

Next, consider whether there’s a less risky way of achieving your career objectives. Is there a way to get what you want professionally by staying at your current organization? Could you take a sabbatical or transition to part-time to try something new while keeping your job security?

And if you decide that a big change — like leaving your job or starting a company — is really the best decision, have a backup plan and a rock-solid network in place in case you find you've made the wrong move after all.

Read the full article: “A Measured Approach to Making a Drastic Change.

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