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How AdHoc Presents grew their audience by 93%

AdHoc Presents began in 2012 as a magazine dedicated to bringing attention to underground musicians and overlooked communities. Today, the Brooklyn, NY-based company has expanded to new markets (Raleigh, NC and Detroit, MI) and added event promotion to their repertoire—producing hundreds of events annually across the 3 cities. We spoke with Co-Founder Ric Leichtung and Marketing Manager Morgan Schaffner to learn how AdHoc turned a passion for documenting the ever-changing shape of the music scene into a successful, growing business.

One of AdHoc’s biggest challenges has been expanding outside of New York City. “We’re a grassroots company that prioritizes a local scene, and the idea of producing events in a city that I don’t live in was scary to me, honestly,” admitted Ric. “And it really begged the question: were we good enough as concert promoters to do this somewhere that was outside of our own backyard?”

Learn how AdHoc used tag-based segmentation to increase relevance and grow their audience

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