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It’s Saturday, January 15.
Here’s what to read this weekend.

Five Great Weekend Reads

The Real Kate Middleton

The duchess’s inner circle shares how she handles the demands of royal life — and how she’s preparing to be queen.

The Times and The Sunday Times

A Texas Murder Mystery, Half-Solved

After 40 years, the bodies of a murdered Houston couple have finally been identified. But where’s their missing baby?

Houston Chronicle

The College Swimmer Who’s Shattering Records — and Stirring Debate

Lia Thomas, who is transgender, has quickly become one of the country’s best woman swimmers. But some people are questioning her spot on the starting blocks.

The Washington Post

How Renting a Car Became So Chaotic

Supply is low, demand is high — but that alone cannot explain the indignity of renting a vehicle.

The Atlantic

The Great Siberian Thaw Transforming Earth

Permafrost contains microbes, mammoths, and twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. What happens when it melts?

The New Yorker

Cover Story

What Nobody Tells You About Night Sweats

Here’s why you keep waking up drenched — and when you should be concerned.


Weekend Pursuits

One thing to watch: Denzel Washington talks about reinventing Macbeth and who’s “the next Denzel.”


One thing to listen to: How Songs of Disappearance, an album made up entirely of calls from endangered birds, went viral.


One thing to read: In the years before his death, Anthony Bourdain posted anonymously on Reddit. Here’s what he had to say.

Rolling Stone

One thing to eat: The secret to these winter salads? No lettuce.

Bon Appétit

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