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End the year with a generous dose of gratitude and joy.

It’s official—you and your team are rockstars. ⭐ You all worked hard this year, and now it’s time to kick back and toast to your accomplishments. Because what’s work without a bit of fun, right?

As you head into the holiday season, check out these resources to help you wrap up 2021 in style:

1-minute recap: What’s new in Asana

Hang on to your holiday beverages—now you can set up rules to automatically add smaller subtasks within tasks. Plus, make task templates more powerful by adding dependencies and attachments. And to top it off, we’ve made Goals more collaborative for Asana Business

Show gratitude with Appreciations

Celebrate your team by adding Appreciations to anything in Asana—including tasks, milestones, and status updates. Because is there anything more rewarding than a happy narwhal, disco unicorn, or victorious yeti?

Here’s how to share an Appreciation:

  1. Open a task and scroll down to the comment bar.
  2. Click on the star icon next to the @ mention and emoji signs.
  3. Choose an appreciation from the Appreciations menu.

Tips and tricks from the Asana Together community

Get organized with Asana best practices from our global forum.

Customer Spotlight: Michael J. Fox Foundation

Explore how other teams use Asana.

“Asana’s features, like unicorns flying across the screen when you complete a task, make work less of a ‘have to’ and more like a fun experience.”

Joe Moran, Director of Content Operations,
Michael J. Fox Foundation

✨ Spread holiday cheer ✨

Create a kudos board in Asana to share pictures, GIFs, and messages with your team. Hide holiday-themed emojis in comments and task descriptions and plan a virtual scavenger hunt. Or, create an Asana form to organize an end-of-year photo contest.

💡Tip: If you’re creating a kudos board for a specific team member, keep the project private until you’re ready to share it.

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