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The slow-grow startup

In a community that sees quick growth as a sign of success, there's something to be said for a startup bucking the fast-track trend. Learn how SaaS startup Chameleon took time to lay their roots, and is three years into being an overnight success.

Look: Huw's talking

Considering company culture when balancing the bottom line isn’t something you’d expect of a finance guy. But then, Typeform’s Chief Finance Officer Huw Slater isn’t your average suit. We chat about his philosophical approach to managing money, and his accidental aptitude for a good analogy.

Money talks

Picking the right pic
On average, people remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read. Good thing we put that nice photo above this text then, eh? Choosing a picture for your website shouldn’t be an afterthought—here’s what you should be looking for to do your page, and your content, visual justice.

Pic a winner

Typeform opens new Partner Program

We first dipped our toes in the collaboration pool with the launch of our Developer Portal, and now we’re hungry for more. Are you a tech company that wants to grow while still treating your customers as people? Then we’d love to get to know you better.

Team up

From Limbo to launch: Typeform Version 2
Last month we took you on a trip to find our brand—now see how we rebuilt our product. The stakes were high. We made mistakes. Spoiler alert: we got there in the end. But getting to the finish line was harder than we thought...

Watch now

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