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A Liquid Legend

Our Women’s History Month brew is back for another year to help forge a path forward for females in brewing.

Bold and Bright

It’s a hoppy Helles brew bursting with notes of tropical citrus and stone fruit – delicious and daring in both flavor and impact.


“Trailblazer is not only allowing our team to showcase our brewing expertise, but to also make a real difference in our community.”

-Megan Jage,
Quality Assurance Lab Supervisor

“We are creating our own path forward and hopefully inspiring other women to do the same.”

- Sarah De Lorenzo,
Quality & Sensory Technician

“I'm excited for the re-release of Trailblazer to help drive direct change in the brewing industry to be more inclusive for women and non-binary folks.”

- Cara Wilson,
B-Corp and TFTT Manager

Positive Proceeds

100% of profits will be donated to initiatives encouraging women and non-binary people in the brewing industry like the Pink Boots Society, Ladies Who Launch and the Women’s International Beer Summit.

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