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Draw the line

It’s now easier than ever to create lines of all sizes in an instant. Simply hit L on your keyboard for a line to magically appear on your design. In the editor toolbar above, you can adjust its weight, style, color, and ends. You can also easily change its length and positioning by dragging the endpoints.

Copy your style

Save time and create consistent designs with Copy Style. You can copy your text styles, colors, image filters, and charts and apply them to another element in your design.

To replicate a style:

  1. Click on the element or text style that you want to copy.
  2. Select the paint roller icon on the top right of the editor.
    Now your paint roller will be loaded with the style you are replicating.
  3. Click the text or element you want the style pasted on to.

This is great if you’re creating a presentation or a few designs in a series. Matching styles will help your designs look more consistent and professional.  

Organize your favorites

Now is the perfect time to get organized with folders and create stunning designs in half the time. Instead of starting designs from scratch, you can use folders to sort your previous work, favorite graphics, images, and more. Simply browse your folders, add the contents to your new designs, tweak an existing design to save time, or create a series.

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