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Dream of something different

There’s a wide world of interesting and unique places out there. Find inspiration for your next trip with these unique stays people can’t stop saving to their wishlists.

Nurture yourself in nature

From high-flying treehouses in the jungle to magical cabins in the woods, surround yourself in nature with these great stays.

Dream under a dome

Why box yourself in when the world is round? Curl up in one of these unique curved stays.

Get into a mobile mindset

What do these boats, campers, and planes have in common? They were once used to travel, but are now places you can stay.

How to create a list

Find a listing you love

Browse millions of stays and experiences

Click the heart icon

When you find something you like, tap the heart icon to save it

Share and collaborate

Invite friends and family to build onto your list by clicking the plus icon “+” on your list


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