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Newsletter — Issue 61

Mentions, Projects and Smart Distribute swapping sneak previews

It’s been just over two weeks since we launched Sketch for Teams and we’ve been loving the response so far. If you’ve signed your team up for a 90-day free trial, thank you! We hope you’re having a blast. We’ve put together a roundup of what’s next for Teams, including Mentions and Projects, as well as a sneak preview of a new feature coming to the mac app very soon!


Quickly apply common resizing settings to groups and Symbols, from fixed headers and footers to sidebars.


Smart and fast text truncation that you can even apply to text styles, so teams can use it without the plugin.


A design system is an evolving ruleset governing the composition of a product and brand. They build consistent, cohesive visual experiences across devices and platforms, they also centralise and consolidate design efforts.

Sketch plugins are able to do pretty much everything you’d expect, like manipulating the color, shape, size, order, style, grouping, and effects of layers, but also able to do things like make requests to internet resources, present a user interface, and much, much more!


What's New in Sketch 57 Beta

by BetterPatterns

Gabe from Better Patterns takes a look at the new Smart Distribute reorder feature in the Sketch 57 beta.


Learn SwiftUI for iOS 13

This new course from Design+Code shows you how to combine Sketch and SwiftUI to quickly iterate and create powerful user interfaces with just a few lines of code. And you can get 20% off right now!

Slice Design

Build your own design system for web and mobile with Slice's component libraries, including controls, cards, navigation, text styles and more.

Greyhound Flowcharts

Design sitemaps, create prototype flows and map out your ideas in minutes with over 200 carefully crafted cards for web and mobile projects.

Brutalist Web Kit

Stay on trend with a set of free brutalist web designs that cover everything from pricing pages and testimonials, to social feeds and footers.

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