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The data is clear — the future of work is hybrid, with 90% of companies planning to adopt a hybrid work model, according to a recent survey.

To equip teams for this new way of working, we created the Hybrid Collaboration Field Guide full of data-informed guidance.

3 steps for leading a great hybrid meeting or workshop

1. Adopt a remote-first mindset

That means design meetings as if everyone were remote. Avoid using physical documents or whiteboards (hint: use Miro), and pick attendees based on the expertise you need, not by where they happen to be working that day.

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2. Use variety to get their attention

The best way to keep meetings engaging is to shake things up. Miro has features — like voting, reactions, and stickies — that you can use for different activities.

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3. Put a facilitator in charge

Before your session, make sure you prepare and design a board in advance (try using ready-made templates), set a clear agenda, and do a run-through to gauge your timing.

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