New sale arrivals, plus an extra 20% off

Newsletter Subject

New sale arrivals, plus an extra 20% off

FARFETCH Newsletter Content

🖊️ High-quality, attention-grabbing, and clearly explains what FARFETCH offers during this sales period. It effectively induces excitement and anticipation.

💼  The email does a good job of enumerating the features of the sale- high-end brands, a wide variety, a 20% extra discount, and a user-friendly shopping experience.

🎯  The email targets fashion enthusiasts who appreciate high-end designer brands. The language and tone suit this audience perfectly.

📣  "Visit FARFETCH today and take advantage of the new sale arrivals and the extra 20% off." It is straightforward, urging customers to take immediate action, but it could be more prominent to grab attention quickly.

👍 The email effectively communicates the sale event, creates a sense of urgency, and entices the target audience with the bonus discount. However, visual aids showcasing some items on sale could increase appeal.

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