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Issue No 4  •  Dec ‘19

It's that time of year when your inbox is packed full with promo codes and early sales emails, but this isn't one of them. Instead, I'd like to take some time to send festive holiday wishes your way, and share new insights from Kim Ridgewell, CD at One Twenty Three West, along with fresh design inspiration that caught my eye 👀

Though, perhaps the most important thing is the adorable cat chasing the Christmas pudding, he's my spirit animal 😸

Have a great Christmas and I'll be speaking to you in the new year! 🎄


Kim Ridgewell

This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Ridgewell about agency-client relationships, and how the role of the agency has changed.

Partnerships are now more project-based  |  00:55

“The client should be engaged in the brief, and part of the strategic insight. When we're aligned, it's then our task to carry out the creative interpretation.”

— Kim Ridgewell

Agencies are focusing on the strategic vision  |  02:30

Reviewing creative work with stakeholders  | 02:45


Some projects that caught our eye this month...

Leo Natsume collaborated with the Instagram Design Team on a collection of illustrations and posters for the “Create Don't Hate” Anti-Bullying Campaign.
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A series of animations and videos for the Spotify Premium 2019 campaign on the ability of music to help shape and change our feelings.
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Andrew Wagner was one of 13 artists invited by LOVE agency to create illustrations for Häagen-Dazs, for their biggest packaging redesign in over 20 years.
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Brand new video upload

You can now drag & drop multiple video assets onto a board so you can share, discuss and review them side-by-side, all in the one place 🎉


We're always looking for creative leaders to participate in our Insights interview series, so whether you’re leading a team of two or running a global agency, get in touch!

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