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Issue No 1  • July ‘19

It’s the end of July and summer has finally arrived in Belfast.
A scorching 22ºC means that I'm gorging on ice pops and BBQ chicken like there’s no tomorrow.

Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are too... but if not, maybe this month’s insights and inspiration will brighten your day.


Annie Nguyen

This month we spoke to Annie Nguyen, a creative director based in LA, who has worked with brands like Nike, Beats by Dre & Linkin Park

Working brand-side vs agency-side  |  02:54

“A brand is like an onion: it has many layers, but no matter what you peel you still know that it’s coming from the same source. That makes a strong brand.”

— Annie Nguyen

Benefits of working in-house  |  01:46

The role of a Creative Director  |  01:44


Some projects that caught our eye this month...

Studio Craft creates paper sculptures for window displays, packaging & products for the likes of Vogue, Budweiser & Uber.
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An unusual mix of vibrant summer colours and old-school black & white photographs for the RoliPoli health bars brand, by Ohmybrand.
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The first cola to come in different skin colors. Although they all look different, they taste exactly the same #cheerstotolerance
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Drag & Drop Boards

We've been working on a new way to organise your boards and sub-boards. Simply drag & drop boards into one another to rearrange them from within the sidebar.  Try it out →  🎉


We're always looking for creative leaders to participate in our Insights interview series, so whether you’re leading a team of two or running a global agency, get in touch!

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