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March 2021

Streamline your payment processes with automation

Whether you need to track invoices, connect your CRM to your accounting or invoice software, or be alerted whenever someone pays their bill, Zapier can help. Check out these recommended Zaps to add automation and keep your team focused on the most important work.

7 ways to manage electronic signatures

Whether eSignatures are the start or end of your process, adding Zapier to your workflow makes sure you never miss a crucial step.

Tutorial: Automate invoices with QuickBooks Online and Zapier

Instead of manually preparing invoices, let Zapier do it for you. Learn how to set up a Zap that creates an invoice without any hands-on work from you or your team, whether your invoices are for one product or several line items.

Facebook Live with Zapier Expert Andrew Davison of Luhhu

Join us Tuesday, March 16 at 9:30am PT for an AMA (ask me anything) with one of our top Zapier Experts. This is your opportunity to ask an Expert anything you want to know about using Zapier.

What's trending

5 new integrations + 3 updates, featuring...


New integration: Build web apps using zero code with Bubble


New integration: Power your business communication with OpenPhone


New integration: Manage your accountancy and bookkeeping with Senta

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