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Meet the new InVision Freehand

Teams move quickly when they have a place for collaboration that’s easy for everyone to use. That’s why we created Freehand, our endless digital whiteboard, and continue to expand its possibilities for teams.

Now, with Freehand’s latest features, your whole team can get started faster than ever: Try one of our pre-built templates, drop in comments with fun Sticky Notes, express your ideas with arrows, and more.


Get started with Templates.

Our customizable templates are built for brainstorms, retrospectives, technical diagrams, wireframing, and more.

Quickly create arrows from lines.

Instead of hand-drawing arrows, you can now add one of several endpoint options to any line you draw in Freehand. Simply select the line and choose the type of end you want (arrow, circle, or flat).

Drop in ideas with Sticky Notes.

Colorful and fun, Sticky Notes let you collect team thoughts and feedback, and then visually organize them on your freehand.

Freehand is truly limitless — we hope these fresh features free up your team’s creativity.


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