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Get your green vibes growing 🌿

We could talk about how many litres of oxygen a plant produces per day, but we went over all of that last spring. The point is, plants are wonderful and beneficial, and we could always use more of them in our lives.

Whether you’re overhauling the garden or nurturing a potted plant paradise indoors, the local spots in this Collection have a gorgeous array of greens for you to choose from. Go forth and plant!

Green up your home for Earth Day

Did you know that fixing a dripping faucet can save up to 3,000 gallons of water a year? Or that cleaning the clothes dryer vent improves dryer efficiency? Check out these tips for easy ways to reduce energy consumption at home in honor of Earth Day. Read more...

Top plant nurseries in North America

House plants are not only beautiful, but they are proven to boost your mood, reduce stress, clean the air, and add some life to your home. Check out this list of top plant nurseries in North America, and embrace the magic of indoor plants. Read more...

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