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Peek inside Duo’s scrapbook

As a thanks for 10 years and 500M learners, we’re giving you an exclusive look at Duo’s humble journey to greatness. Scroll through this digital scrapbook for never-before-seen photos of our favorite owl!


A star is born

Duo hatches into the app store and quickly becomes the most popular education app around

Hootin’ and hollerin’

Duo says his first word: practice!

Getting published

Duo is the youngest bird to become a bestselling author with his collection of Stories

Molting the awkward phase

Duo returns from summer camp with a new look and freshly fluffed feathers

XP champion of the world

Duo raises the stakes with weekly Leaderboard competitions for learners worldwide

A bird abroad

A well-traveled Duo celebrates 100+ courses taught across 24 languages and 195 countries

Spanish Club

From left to right: Zari, Lily, Junior, Duo, Oscar, Lucy.
Not pictured: 9mmMags, dedicated member of the Spanish Club since 2019.

Making the grade

Duo’s dissertation proves Duolingo learners perform as well on reading and listening tests as students who took 4 semesters of university language classes — and in half the time

Duo glows up

Duolingo Plus becomes Super Duolingo — a colorful new look for ad-free, faster learning!

The best is yet to come

Duo isn’t done taking your language practice to new heights. A new path to better guide your learning experience is coming soon!


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