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We’ve all been there. After months of hard work on a project, you’re ready to proudly share it on social media. But what if you discovered you had an NDA keeping you from saying a word? Is it about controlling the narrative, or a client passing off your work as their own? This month, It’s Nice That looked for answers — you can read more below.

We’ve also got a behind-the-scenes peek at how we designed and developed the all-new Sketch iPhone app. We chatted to the teams involved and explored how the tech they’ve built in recent years helped them create a powerful app with big potential.

Before I go, a quick celebration — Sketch is turning 12! Yes, version 1.0 of Sketch launched on 7 September 2010, and this year we celebrate 12 years of incredible design. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us along the way! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram on the 7th for a little giveaway… 😉

See you next month 👋

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