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Templates for remote work

Like many, our company went fully remote last year. To streamline our collaboration across countries and time zones we designed a series of remote templates to bring teams together. Now we're giving them to you for free.

Host live workshops

Workshop is the perfect space to run remote ideation sessions. Designed to be interactive, connect via live video — right from Pitch — to brainstorm on sticky notes and discuss ideas, just like you would in real life. Think better, together, in a template designed to help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

Hold remote team meetings

Team Meeting is optimized to help you make the most of regular team syncs. Set the agenda, cover important talking points, and most importantly, stay on topic to maximize efficiency. You can even assign specific discussion points that everyone can add to before, during, or after the meeting itself.

Virtual offsites can be fun (really!)

This Virtual Offsite template focuses on building fun and creativity into your next team building session. It’s built to be remote-friendly, with icebreakers and conversation starters to help everyone get to know one another better. Try it out — we promise you’ll learn something new about your teammates!

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