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Grant Enrollment for 2022 is Open!

Athletic is proud to announce our $1,000,000 commitment for our Two for the Trails grant in 2022, and we are looking for nominations from trail-based non-profits with plans for exciting projects in your neighborhood!⁣ Athletic Brewing donates 2% of all sales to protecting and restoring trails across North America and other countries like the UK, Europe and Australia. Our Grant program application will close on National Trails Day, June 4th.

A Few of our Friends on a Mission

From leading trail clean-ups, constructing new trails, and executing major maintenance projects, we work with grant partners persevering towards progress. We are looking for non-profit organizations (big and small) that focus on any and all forms of human-powered recreation to help restore our trails on this planet we call home. Get to know more about our partners and how they’re helping our planet.

This is Just the Start

This Earth Day, Athletic employees will be rolling up their sleeves as a collective from coast to coast to volunteer around the communities of each brewery and beyond. It’s a start towards making a positive impact on our planet, and we sponsor trail clean-ups and maintenance requests across the country to keep moving in that direction. If we don't start acting in a sustainable manner, we're going to lose our chance at great outdoor adventures and outdoor sports.

An Ode to the Outdoors

Inspired by our favorite outdoor places to adventure, our Trail Mix Pack is a toast to Mother Nature. Each Trail Mix Pack includes four 6-packs of Athletic Brews: Run Wild, Upside Dawn, Athletic Lite, and Nature Nut. It also comes with two JUSTIN’S® Nut Butter Squeeze Packs so you can snack without skipping a beat.

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