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Hi Smiles Davis,

While marketing and sales benchmark data is interesting as a whole, we understand that your industry is facing unique challenges that don’t have one blanket solution. That’s why this week, we’re diving into the data by industry. Every industry is being impacted very differently by this crisis.

-For example, last week people in the computer software industry closed 2% more deals than they did on average pre-COVID, while those in the consumer goods industry closed 29% fewer deals than they did on average pre-COVID. For more cuts on the data, explore the data for yourself using our new tool.

What Does This Mean For You?

There’s no one-size fits all solution, so we're digging into the impact of this crisis on an industry-by-industry basis. Throughout this week, we'll be focusing on 7 industries with a spotlight webinar and over 30 other resources to help people across sectors like health and fitness to financial services. Check out main Adapt pagefor a list of helpful industry specific resources.

Learning how to adapt to industry changes means leaning on each other’s knowledge. That's why we're launching industry-specific HubSpot User Groupsto help customers, users and fans connect virtually with others in their field. First up, restaurant & food servicesand the health & fitness industries. Stay tuned for meetups with your industry.

Join our webinar this week, as we explore industry-level sales and marketing performance data with HubSpot Director of Sales Crevan O'Malley and Gong's Head of Content, Devin Reed. We'll share insights into how industries from construction to entertainment can pivot their marketing and sales playbooks to adapt to the new economy.

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